In February 2021 Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen introduced you to Alexander Seaton, a chef, chocolatier and, at the time, a trainee tree surgeon. Alexander completed his training and launched his business shortly after and set to work on an exciting new career.

Unfortunately a couple of months ago Alexander sustained a serious injury at work and has been out of action and in recovery for the past couple of months. As an outdoorsy type and highly active individual this has been a challenging time for him.

Shortly before Alexander broke his leg in three places his wife gave birth to their daughter, Aurora, and Alexander joins Wizzi to discuss the Business of Injury Recovery…

Elliott Brown is the inventor of the NUM Protocol and founder of NUM Technology, which is the company behind a newly launched service called CompanyDirectory.

Providing company details almost instantly, free of charge, Company Directory and can be accessed via a web browser, text message or WhatsApp message and the technology behind the service is being hailed as a step change in how data can be delivered online.

Elliott’s passion is to make access to data unlimited, unrestricted and free for everyone and he is here with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss the Business of Taking Back Control of the Internet…

Darren Ayres has worked in mental health for 22 years both within Acute and Community settings. His specialist employment service The Richmond Fellowship is commissioned by NHS England to support people with mental ill health both into paid employment and to help retain employment if things become challenging.

Darren has a passion for early intervention and prevention, and is a firm believer in building a positive and progressive structure into people’s lives as the recovery tool to improve symptoms and reduce admission into hospital.

Last February Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen introduced Connections Radio listeners to Darren and today he is joining Wizzi again to recap on what The Richmond Fellowship and his work is all about and catch up on what’s been happening for him and the charity this past year.

Neil McKinlay is an embodied meditation teacher with over thirty years experience with these teachings and practices.

Reflecting his interest in how meditation enriches and is enriched by our everyday lives, he runs two online communities and hosts the ‘Bringing Meditation to Life’ podcast.

He lives and works in Victoria, British Columbia with his wife and daughter and is here with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss the Business of Meditation…

After his third open heart surgery, Justin C Kurtz decided to put his business degree and project planning experience into action and got into the business of the self.

With a firm belief that you need a plan, he now, through entrepreneurial work, encourages and inspires others to adapt their mindset and develop a life guide and roadmap to fulfil their purpose.

Justin is also a published author and is here with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss The Business of You…

Jon Manning has experienced living with mental health conditions for over 20 years. And with a background in the commercial world, he set up Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support, to change the way mental health is managed throughout society. Jon has noticed that despite a huge increase in awareness, mental health across society is only having a broader, more negative impact and help is becoming harder and harder to access.

As an award winning social entrepreneur, Jon setup Arthur Ellis alongside experts to help companies simply understand and drive positive psychology, neuroscience and behaviour in order to help people develop skills in building and maintaining well-being. Jon Manning is here with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss the Business of Mental Health Support…

Mike Magnussen is a final year PhD student at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute for Child Health.

Mike’s focus over his studies has been to develop human tissue engineered models for heart development. The purpose of which is to overcome discrepancies between leading animal models such as mice and fish in favour of human models of tissue development. And to enhance global adoption of the three Rs; Reduction; of the number of animals used in research, Refinement; focusing on enhanced human focused modeling for the purpose of more accurate study of the human heart. Replacement; to develop methods which avoid or replace the use of animals.

Soon to embark on a post doc position at DanStem, based at the University of Copenhagen, Mike will continue his research in the field of stem cell biology and is here with his wife, Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen, to discuss The Business of Bioengeering.

Bre Brown is a mindset and manifestation coach who empowers women to own their worth and boldly pursue their career goals with confidence.

She is the owner of Modern Manifestation, which provides resources such as blogs and podcasts designed to help women grow.

Bre’s mission is to help ambitious women increase their net-worth by increasing their self-worth through mindset work and personal development and she is here with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss The Business of Manifestation and Perfectionism…

Wael Elazab is a digital communications evangelist, campaign and strategy advisor and teacher to private, public and academic organisations. Through his work, Wael enables individuals, through the effective delivery of digital tools and skills training, to relay their message and define their brand.

Wael is an advocate for the democratisation of digital tools and he is here with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss the Business of Digital Liberties.

Tim Beisiegel is a sign and logo designer & installer, but his passions in life are his family and podcasting. In 2019 his daughter was hospitalised for 97 days with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Tim had already been struggling with some aspects of his Mental Health, but like many men, ignored the signs and symptoms due to social norms and stigmas. But when his daughter fell ill he entered counselling to help him to be able to function and care for his family and he is here with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss The Business of Men’s Mental Health.