Wizzi is a pleasure to work with…

She gets so much done in a short space timeframe, it’s amazing. She is very organised and focused with a wealth of marketing knowledge and ideas. I would highly recommend.

Tracy Douthwaite – Way to Wellbeing

Hard working, intelligent and creative…

Wizzi has delivered work to my company (Onyx) and our clients over a number of years.

The clients have spanned large public sector bodies to start-ups.  Wizzi has delivered copywriting, website management, social media and video editing.

She is enthusiastic, hard working, intelligent and creative.  Clients and other team members always describe her as a joy to work with.

Anne Cantelo – Onyx Media and Communications

Onyx Media and Communications

Gaining a greater sense of clarity and direction…

I had a two hours session with Wizzi during which we reviewed the whole of our social media strategy, marketing and branding, particularly Facebook as this is the medium we use the most.

We worked on streamlining everything as we had five business pages and at least as many groups and it was not only difficult to manage and find content for regularly, but it was confusing for our audience.

I gained from our session a greater sense of clarity and direction. Although I know it will take me a few weeks to be at the stage where I implement the overall strategy, I’m now feeling very confident about it all… It has helped enormously and Wizzi was a delight to work with. Thanks again.

Gilles Pelenc – Kannaway

Multi-talented media professional…

Wizzi is a multi-talented media professional with real journalistic flair. I would recommend her skills and experience to any organisation looking for creative marketing talent.

She also has an intuitive understanding of some of the most relevant segments in today’s digital economy and can translate content across multiple formats such as print media, audio, and video.

Her contribution to the ideation process is fearless and she injects a lot of fun into collaborative team environments.

Elias Patel – Radisys Corporation

Enjoyable from the get-go…

Working with Wizzi was enjoyable from the get-go. A creative individual, Wizzi could easily assimilate herself into whatever task she sets her mind to.

I found her to be diligent and organised in her approach to work, working well as part of our team. Coming up with creative solutions to tricky problems was never an issue for her.

I wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Christian Rogers – Nemetos

A wealth of experience…

Wizzi is a dedicated member of her field, with a wealth of experience under her belt at a young age.

Wizmedia developed content for me that was of an excellent level of quality, with prompt delivery and an overall good rapport.

Alexander Reid – Pancreatic Cancer UK

Passionate and professional…

Wizzi is a true young talent in social media marketing, writing brand-like texts and doing PR. She has great networks to complement her own work.

She does her work passionately, on time and provides accurate time sheets to support her billing. Professional!

Tiia Sammallahti – Whatimpact.com

Wizmedia really understood my vision…

Wizzi did a fantastic job designing my website WardVox.

She really understood my vision and executed exactly the kind of look and feel I was looking for. 10/10 – thank you Wizmedia!

Jennifer Ward – WardVox Vocal Coaching


Wizzi is a multi-skilled multi-talented person…

She was recommended to me as a video editor after being very let down by a freelancer.

Wizzi agreed to save the day, giving up her Saturday to work on the edit which was extremely tricky due to venue sound issues.

She created attractive graphic titles, was fast, intelligent and intuitive as a video editor and had the necessary patience and attention to detail to work on the problematic sound.

As well as recommending her as an editing professional, she is also friendly, easy going and a joy to work with.

Catherine Crawly – The Bio Agency

A pleasure to work with…

Wizzi is a pleasure to work with. She has amazing attention to detail and always ensures the client ends up with the perfect result.

It was very easy working with someone who is so naturally creative. I would highly recommend working with Louisa for any future projects.

Jessica Goodson – Orion Electrotech

Wizzi’s enthusiasm and motivation is contagious…

Wizzi is a great copy writer and social media expert.

Her enthusiasm and motivation is contagious. Her out-of-the-box thinking and the way she generates new ideas is a skill that any Marketing Director would kill for.

It has been a honour working with such talent.

Dil Ahdan – 1DA