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Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen is a Broadcaster on Connections Radio and airs her show, sponsored by Parfitt Cresswell, The Business of… every Tuesday and Thursday at 1310 and Wednesday and Friday at 1910 (UK).

Taking a look at society from a business perspective, The Business of… features interviews with business owners, workers and inspirational people from both SME and corporate organisations across the globe.

Always striving to push out a positive message, Louisa conducts in-depth interviews covering topics such as…

… and many more, gathering tips and advice for business owners in Britain and beyond today.

Interviews are a complimentary service, however, the Licensing Rights to your The Business of… Interview can be purchased from Connections Radio for £250+VAT for up to 30-days after your show has been aired.

By purchasing your interview License you gain the freedom to publish your interview, or any part of it, on your own digital channels, use the audio for promotional purposes and share it across the globe with your own business or personal branding.

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