When Berniece Hunt’s husband, Oliver, contracted sepsis and it went into his brain, Berniece experienced a short-term glimpse of life with someone whose brain was “broken”. That incident halted her 12-year, post-retirement “gig” as a part-time wellness coach and turned her focus to brain health. 

With the pandemic limiting her options, she plunged into the internet world. Her grandkids became her biggest cheerleaders as, approaching 70, she received her certification as a brain health professional, and launched her online business, Keep Your Brain Sharp

Berniece says she is loving it – challenges and all, and learning to “feel the fear, and do it anyway!” This is the Business of Better Brain Health…

As a food and body freedom coach, Anna Surrey helps women heal their relationship with food and their body through a non-diet approach.

After overcoming her own personal two-decade long struggle with a wide range of disordered eating struggles, body dysmorphia and exercise addiction, Anna realized just how many women are negatively affected by their deep seated insecurities around their bodies and the pressure to eat and look a certain way.

Anna joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen today to discuss The Business of Healing your Food and Body Relationship…

Neela Prabhu is a qualified licensed homeopath and runs her business Homeopathic Harmony from Croydon, offering both remote and in person treatments. 

Before training in homeopathy, Neela spent almost 20 years as a community pharmacist.

Neela is passionate about raising the awareness of homeopathy, and how this system can help with mental, emotional and physical issues and joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen today to discuss the business of homeopathy – from drugs to sugar pills.

Abi Wormell has 16 years of previous experience in senior leadership roles in Health and Social Care services but is now an internationally certified life coach. 

After being misdiagnosed multiple times with anxiety and depression, Abi was eventually diagnosed with acute burnout. Years of working in fast paced front line services had taken its toll on her physical, emotional and mental health. 

Today she helps others in a similar position through her life coaching business. Aiming to give professionals the tools and resilience they need before they hit burnout. 

This is the Business of Avoiding Burnout…

Patrick Holford is a leading spokesman on nutrition and founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. He is the author of 45 books, including The Optimum Nutrition Bible, Optimum Nutrition for the Mind and and Ten Secrets of 100% Healthy People and his latest books Flu Fighters, The 5 Day Diet and Optimum Nutrition for Vegans.

Patrick is also founder of the charitable Food for the Brain Foundation which helps those with mental health issues through nutrition and offers a Cognitive Function Test for Alzheimer’s prevention and joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss The Business of Avoiding Alzheimer’s…

Hayley Snishko is a mobile spa therapist who offers various treatments to people in their homes, offices and at events, including facials, massage and reflexology.

Hayley set up Home Sanctuary 11 years ago and operates around the Surrey and London area. In 2020 she was voted best Spa Therapist – Uk & Europe and she joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss the business of mobile spa therapy…

Peter Birch is a Company Director at MetaOptima, creating intelligent technology to help doctors detect and treat skin cancer, and Company Director of the Medical Software Industry Association (MSIA), representing the software vendors of the healthcare industry in Australia.

Based in Sydney, Australia, in 2021 Pete left his full time role as a senior executive to run his business full time.

He’s also the creator and host of Talking HealthTech; a podcast and membership community for people passionate about connecting and learning about the effective use of technology in healthcare.

Peter joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen discuss the Business of Health Technology…

A few years ago, Michelle Dean found that she was lacking energy and her self confidence was low, partly due to having put on weight. 

Determined to make a change, Michelle put herself on a whole food programme and was astounded by the resulting rise in energy levels, health benefits and the effect her new lifestyle had on weight management.

Following the success of the programme, Michelle then trained to become a coach and is here with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss The Business of Holistic Health & Weight Management…

In February 2021 Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen introduced you to Alexander Seaton, a chef, chocolatier and, at the time, a trainee tree surgeon. Alexander completed his training and launched his business shortly after and set to work on an exciting new career.

Unfortunately a couple of months ago Alexander sustained a serious injury at work and has been out of action and in recovery for the past couple of months. As an outdoorsy type and highly active individual this has been a challenging time for him.

Shortly before Alexander broke his leg in three places his wife gave birth to their daughter, Aurora, and Alexander joins Wizzi to discuss the Business of Injury Recovery…