Sameera Singh is a Business Strategist, Money Mindset Coach and Author based in London.

She helps female coaches and entrepreneurs transform their relationship with money so that they can break through to six figures.

Her expertise is to empower female business owners to build authentic six figure businesses that align with their money personality and values so they can create freedom in their lives and leave their unique mark on the world.

She also has a book called ‘Money Mastery’ on creating a business aligned with your money personality coming out towards the end of 2023.

This is The Business of Money Mindset Mastery…

You may have been thinking about coaching, but, in a tough-to-regulate market, how can business leaders be sure they invest in a true professional?

Catherine Gray Coaching is a Leadership and Talent Consultancy.

Through embedding a strengths based culture, Catherine helps organisations, teams and leaders grow.

Listen to Catherine chat to Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen about her business and the challenges facing this industry, as well as offer advice on how to seek out quality coaching within this increasingly noisy marketplace.

Ben Avis is a Greentech entrepreneur from Surrey and Founder of Treea, the world’s first Sustainability-Pegged Rewards platform.

As a B2C model, Treea pays you money back when you buy from decarbonising brands. The lower their carbon emissions, the greater your reward.

Pre-launch pages are live at, and the main platform is scheduled for launch in Q4 2023. Treea has a growing number of global fashion brands already on board, including: Gant, FILA, Allbirds and NA-KD.

After a decade in finance as a deal maker in exchange-traded debt securities, Ben decided he needed a new and more purposeful mission.

In the shower one morning, it dawned on him that the Climate Emergency wasn’t enough of an emergency to enough people, and he wanted to find a way to make it so.

Given his professional background, his natural first question was: could people be paid to be greener?

This is The Business of Sustainability-Pegged Rewards…

As a trainer and coach, Anat Shabi works with small business owners & their teams to overcome ongoing challenges by using creative tools in her training programmes.

A big fan of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, she designs engaging exercises to help manage pressure and stress, boost wellbeing and improve performance.

Hear Anat break down the power of play on this Wiz-View Series Interview with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen.

Sameera Singh is a Business Strategist and Money Mindset Coach based in London.

By empowering trailblazing female business owners to transform their relationship with money, she works to help them create six figure businesses aligned with their ‘money personalities’ and values.

Sameera’s book ‘Money Mastery’, a work formed from Sameera’s extensive experience in money mindset coaching, is coming out late 2023.

Hear Sameera go deep into what a money mindset coach does and more as she chats to Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen on this Wiz-View Series interview.

Introducing Ondrej Papanek, the Agile Coach and Scrum Master who is revolutionising businesses and igniting collaboration with his unrivalled expertise in Agile methodologies. 

With an unwavering dedication to unleashing the true potential of companies, Ondrej has left his mark on esteemed Fortune 500 giants including Apple, H&M Group, Volvo, Scania Group, and Colt Technology.

This is the Business of the Agile Way of Working…

The Empowered Authors’ Virtual Book Tour 2023 is pioneered by Jennifer Richards, the founder of Transform Global Services, an author, educator and NLP Practitioner.

This tour seeks to showcase the inspirational literary work done by 14 authors from different genres and countries across the world via a variety of social media platforms and avenues. 

The tour officially began on July 19 2023 on the Hangout Podcast and will end on October 10 2023. 

Promising to be captivating, educational and transformative Jennifer joins me today to discuss what to expect on this tour.

This is the Business of a Virtual Book Tour…

Joanna Barbolla is an Artist, Designer, Teacher, Corporate Executive and self-published author, editor & illustrator of DIVULGE D’VINO, an entertainingly sassy wine & art book which discusses the origin of various specialty wines from across the globe. 

Suggestions on food pairings, flavours and grape varieties are explored, as well as unique, one-of-a-kind abstract art, which brings each chapter alive as the reader experiences a beautiful collaboration of Wine & Art.

This is The Business of Pairing Wine & Art…

Waterfall Adams is a creative professional who took her destiny into her own hands. 

Her real name is Veronica Elizabeth Adams. 

She was born in Paducah, Kentucky and was raised in Mobile, Alabama.

She has an Associate of Science in General Education degree from Bishop State Community College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History with a Dramatic Arts minor from the University of South Alabama.

Waterfall joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen today to discuss The Business of Poetry…

Paul Wrightson lives and breathes by his mantra – Live Fully Now.

After a life changing event, Paul totally transformed his life.

This gives Paul the passion to support and guide others to also change their lives for the better – And to find that true passion for living.

This is done through online programs, one on one coaching, retreats and yoga.
Paul is a big believer that everyone deserves to live fully now, and in their future.

This is The Business of Living Fully Now…