Ben Avis is a Greentech entrepreneur from Surrey and Founder of Treea, the world’s first Sustainability-Pegged Rewards platform.

As a B2C model, Treea pays you money back when you buy from decarbonising brands. The lower their carbon emissions, the greater your reward.

Pre-launch pages are live at, and the main platform is scheduled for launch in Q4 2023. Treea has a growing number of global fashion brands already on board, including: Gant, FILA, Allbirds and NA-KD.

After a decade in finance as a deal maker in exchange-traded debt securities, Ben decided he needed a new and more purposeful mission.

In the shower one morning, it dawned on him that the Climate Emergency wasn’t enough of an emergency to enough people, and he wanted to find a way to make it so.

Given his professional background, his natural first question was: could people be paid to be greener?

This is The Business of Sustainability-Pegged Rewards…

Kate Knight is a knitwear designer who specialises in recycled and sustainable cashmere and cashmere blends. Currently she lives just outside Bordeaux, France after living and working in New York City, London and the Swiss Alps. 

Kate has designed knitwear for brands such as Nordstrom, The White Company, Lands’ End, Barney’s and Whistles. She has taught every age group from 7 year olds to PhD students and industry professionals and loves to build connections with factories, yarn agents, brands, fellow freelancers and designers. 

Today, Kate is passionate about design and building communities and helping to educate people on knitwear design and she joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss Sustainable Cashmere…

Nathaniel Loxley is the founding director of Vitality Hemp, an innovative home and garden lifestyle product brand founded in 2014. With experience of growing hemp under licence and creating various low carbon, natural products, Nathaniel is now working with other businesses to consult and connect projects within the emergent Global hemp industry.

In addition to Vitality Hemp, Nathaniel is the director of research and innovation at the British Hemp Alliance, a multi-stakeholder membership organisation that is committed to effecting progressive policy change and developing a robust, equitable and profitable value chain within the UK.

Nathaniel joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss the business of hemp in the modern world. 

As co-founder and CEO at muGrid Analytics, Amy Simpkins solves problems at the intersection of energy technology and economics using math and modeling.

muGrid provides bankable techno-economic analysis, optimized control and project development of renewable energy, energy storage, and microgrids to maximize economic return, increase energy resilience and promote energy equity in the US and around the world.

Amy is the author of Spiral: A Catalyst for Innovation and Expansion and host of the Power Flow Podcast, which amplifies diverse voices in the clean energy revolution. Amy holds Master’s in Astronautical Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Aeronautics and Astronautics and is here with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss the Business of Microgrids and Distributed Energy.

Dr Phil Wu is the founder and CEO of Absolar – a tech startup with the mission to solve the climate change crisis. Learn all about Phil’s groundbreaking work in tackling the slow uptake of renewable energy in The Business of AI in Renewable Energy as Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen conducts this in-depth interview.

Barnaby Roberts is the founder of Violet Elephant Clothing, a sustainable, ethical clothing brand based in the South West of England.

In the Business of Sustainable Clothing hear Barnaby’s inspiring story and discover how businesses and individuals can contribute to an ethical, sustainable future through this in depth interview by Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen.

Peter Miles is currently on a mission to reverse the ravages of climate change by enabling organisations to offset their carbon emissions and so neutralise the damage they’re doing.

Peter co-founded eHempHouse at the end of 2020. eHempHouse provides the SB™ system (a Smartbox) free to African farmers so that they can successfully process organic hemp and he is here with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss The Business of Becoming Carbon Neutral.