Social Media


Digital Strategy Consultation (after initial free half hour)£45 per hour

We recommend a consultation before setting up any digital channel or content publishing platform to make sure the work we do will be beneficial in the long term.

Whether it’s a Facebook page, LinkedIn account, Instagram, TikTok profile or any other digital platform, it can take time to develop the desired look, feel and functionality.

The more you think about why you want to engage in digital content marketing, the more likely you are to succeed in your efforts.

Too many people rush into social media, thinking they need ten different channels set up instantly. But the reality is that very few businesses can keep up with this amount of activity, and trying to do so can result in digital media haemorrhaging your business’s resources. It is much more effective to set-up one or two channels well, that you are able to integrate into your work schedule than to set-up ten that you never use.


Maintaining a consistent online presence takes time and patience. And sometimes it can be time consuming enough to write one piece of good content a month, without also having to worry about all the places you should be publishing it.

By maintaining your digital channels for you, we make the most of each bit of content you, or we, produce.

Whether you want to display your knowledge to professionals in your sector worldwide over Twitter, or simply say a regular thank you to your most loyal customers, we can keep up the pace for you.


  • Facebook (Meta)
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok (may incur additional content creation fees)


ServicePost Count Per WeekReal Time Engagement (RTE)£ Per Month
Single Channel Management4 Pre-scheduledAdd on available at £30 per hour£400 + RTE if required
Two Channel Management 8 Pre-scheduledAdd on available at £30 per hour£800 + RTE if required
Three Channel Management Lite12 Pre-scheduledIncluded for 1 channel > 1 hour per week£1200
Three Channel Management Mid16 Pre-scheduledIncluded for 2 channels > 2 hours each per week£1600

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