Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen charges between £300 and £500 per day depending on the type of work being contracted. Please note that if needed, sub contractors involving our partners, may incur a small further fee.

Wizmedia also offer project based fixed quotes for more comprehensive or timely work. The benefit of this is that the fee does not depend on time spent so you know exactly what the entire project will cost from the start. It is fixed so even if the project takes us more time to complete than predicted, your costs will not change.

Eligible projects include any engagement of over two days, for example, a website design or broadcast slot.

Please note, a contract and copy of our Ts Cs will be sent with initial work proposal and work will not commence until they are signed by both parties. This protects both us and you, so we all win.

To request full services packs with further pricing information, our Ts &Cs or see an example contact, contact us below: