Sue Bowles is a survivor turned thriver as an author, speaker, and Master Certified Life Coach. 

Having done the hard work of healing from a childhood rape, an eating disorder, other sexual assaults, and twice considering suicide, Sue now defines the effect the life-altering events have on her. The events no longer define Sue; she defines them.
“You only have to be a step ahead to help the person behind you” is the bedrock to the value Sue brings. 

She founded My Step Ahead and is the “Chief Instigator” behind the new Dare to Believe Movement, whose purpose is to nurture others to ‘dare to believe that you matter,’ knowing that nothing changes until that bedrock belief is solidified.

Sue’s award-winning first book, “This Much I Know…The Space Between” is available on Amazon and Kindle and she joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen today to discuss The Business of Trauma Recovery…