JULY 2021

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The Business of Sustainable Clothing with Barnaby Roberts from Violet Elephant Clothing

Barnaby Roberts

Barnaby Roberts is the founder of Violet Elephant Clothing, a sustainable, ethical clothing brand based in the South West of England.

In the Business of Sustainable Clothing hear Barnaby’s inspiring story and discover how businesses and individuals can contribute to an ethical, sustainable future through this in depth interview by Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen.

The Business of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery with Emma Davey from MyNARA

BACP Accredited Emma Davey is the Founder of My Trauma Therapy and an app currently in development to help victims of narcissistic abuse.called MyNARA.

Hear Emma’s inspiring recovery journey, discover the facts around narcissistic abuse and learn about how Emma’s upcoming app will help others who have experienced narcissistic abuse.

The Business of Construction Management with Chris Norton

Chris Norton

Can you compare construction to the creation of a piece of music? Chris Norton does just that in the Business of Construction Management. 

Tune in to hear Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen chat to Chris about how the industry works, what you need to succeed within it and why there is a shortage of women in engineering.

The Business of Osteopathy with Stephanie Cantelo from The Injury Academy

What exactly is Osteopathy, how is it different from physiotherapy and when is it time to seek an Osteopath’s help?

Find out as Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen interviews Stephanie Cantelo, Founder and Osteopath at the Injury Academy, who also has over 15 years’ experience in movement and fitness training.

The Business of Compassionate Leadership with Tracy Douthwaite from Way to Wellbeing

Tracy Douthwaite is the Founder of Way to Wellbeing, a business providing mental health & wellbeing training & workshops to organisations and individuals. 

In the Business of Compassionate Leadership discover what this term means, if anyone can lead with compassion and why it is so important in the corporate world. 

The Business of Living Off Grid with Seb Guettier from offgridsprinter.com

Seb Guettier has been a touring musician since 2012, and in 2018 bought a Sprinter van to convert into a mobile home, office and digital media production studio.

Discover how he did this and find out about the launch of his website offgridsprinter.com which provides in depth information on how to buy, convert and live in a van, off grid. 

The Business of Professional Poker with Josh Manley from JoshManleyPoker

Josh Manley began playing poker for fun in 2009. Later on, a highly successful side venture developed into a 40 hour a week job, more lucrative than the position he was made redundant from during the pandemic. 

Find out all about the Business of Professional Poker as Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen chats to Josh about his career.

The Business of Networking with Jan McGinley from We Are Curators

Jan McGinley is a networker, connector and relationship builder, Founder at We Are Curators and was named in the Women in FinTech Powerlist 2017. 

Find out how to effectively network and how important this aspect of business is as Jan chats to Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen on the Business of Networking.

The Business of Government Communications with Anne Cantelo from Onyx Media and Communications

Anne Cantelo is the Founder of Onyx Media and Communications and has nearly 40 years experience in government and in comms.

She started out in the Department of Trade and Industry in the 1980s, where her roles included writing articles and speeches for the Deputy Prime Minister.

Join Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen and Anne as they tackle the topic of Government Communications.