Colin C. Thompson is a Certified Life and Positive Intelligence Coach who hopes that by sharing his experiences on today’s show you will go away with new insights, motivation, courage and the tools you need to start moving toward your passion career.

Today Colin joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen on The Business of Pay-Check or Passion…

Steve Feld is a business marketing strategist, author, professional speaker, podcast host and award-winning business management executive.

His goal is to stop business owners from suffering entrepreneurial depression and to help ease the difficulties in running their businesses. He has owned and operated 7 businesses, turned around 3 others and written 8 books.

Business owners and entrepreneurs hire Steve to crack multiple 6 and 7 figures without burning themselves out and he joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen to discuss The Business of Marketing…

Lee Broders is a Life and Business Growth Coach who helps people make changes in their lives so they can become financially independent with a passive income that looks after itself.

Lee has been involved in property investment from the age of 29, when he bought his first property, and uses property investment as a way to exit the Rat Race, the 9 to 5 and his own successful businesses.

With the help of his investments in property, Lee now describes himself as financially free and he is here with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen today to discuss the Business of Property Investment.

After a successful and varied thirty five year banking career, which brought a broad range of experience in leadership, people management, strategy, sales and marketing Joe Hinton left to form UK Business Mentoring

Based on the knowledge he had gained dealing with small to large businesses and his love of helping people develop, Joe found his ‘Ikigai’ in business mentoring and is here with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen today to discuss The Business of Growth…

Tim Mitchell draws on over 30 years’ of marketing experience. As Managing Director of his own marketing agency, he has secured work for clients with Heathrow, Lloyds of London, SCOR, SpecSavers, Dept of International Development, NHS Recovery College and Willmott Dixon to name a few.

For the UK’s Government’s veterinary services agency (the agency working on coronavirus), Tim’s marketing skills helped increase turnover from £2M a year to over £6M in the space of just a few years.

Tim is a highly respected and sought after trainer. He has developed and led training courses in the UK and abroad for individuals through to global corporations and he joins me today to discuss the Business of LinkedIn…

Ruth Farenga is a facilitator, executive coach and speaker. She is the founder of Conscious Leaders; a consultancy helping ambitious leaders in technology build a calm, collaborative and productive workplace. 

Ruth helps people connect to themselves, each other and their wider purpose so they can drive both individual and collective success, whatever that means to them. She has worked in corporations such as Pearson Education, Intel Corporation and as a consultant for the WISE Campaign, as well as in a variety of roles spanning sales, training, events and programme management. 

Ruth joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen today to discuss the business of conscious leadership…

BQF is a not-for-profit organisation which specialises in Business Excellence. It was originally set up in 1993 to manage the UK Excellence Awards, a celebration of the best practices in UK industry across a range of categories.

Over the last 30 years BQF has branched out to become a vibrant member organisation which offers support through personal development and networking, a range of partner offerings and regular upskilling events. 

Emily Viarnaud is the Head of Sales, Membership and Marketing at BQF and joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen today to discuss the organisation.

Abi Wormell has 16 years of previous experience in senior leadership roles in Health and Social Care services but is now an internationally certified life coach. 

After being misdiagnosed multiple times with anxiety and depression, Abi was eventually diagnosed with acute burnout. Years of working in fast paced front line services had taken its toll on her physical, emotional and mental health. 

Today she helps others in a similar position through her life coaching business. Aiming to give professionals the tools and resilience they need before they hit burnout. 

This is the Business of Avoiding Burnout…

Back in April 2021 Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen had the pleasure of introducing Rodney C Burris, an international speaker, youth advocate, professional development coach and published author from Baltimore on The Business of Motivational Speaking.

Now, Rodney is back to further discuss his work in unlocking human potential and inspiring organisations by discussing The Business of Communication.

Why is communication so important in business and how can organisations effectively communicate their message in the modern working landscape.

Karen Leftley is a business transformation professional with over 25 years of change, project delivery and operational experience and is the founder and MD of Boomster Consulting

Karen is also the President and non-executive Director of the British Quality Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit organisation who help other organisations learn from best practice, improve their performance and achieve sustainable excellence.

With a reputation for injecting energy, creating movement and unlocking the motivation in others, Karen is said to naturally captivate the hearts and minds of many with her infectious style and approach and is here with Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen today to discuss The Business of Continuous Improvement…