MAY 2021

The Business of Imposter Syndrome with Kim-Adele Platts

Kim-Adele Platts is at the leading edge of ‘Championing Human Spirit’ for 21st Century Board/C-Suite Level leaders. Hear how imposter syndrome can manifest in workers and learn how to tackle it in this in-depth interview by Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen.

The Business of Documentary Production with Nick Hayman

Nick Hayman’s TV and film credits include working with companies such as Comedy Central, FCCE, Science Media, Netflix, Figment, V2 Records, Planet Pixel, and many more. In the Business of Documentary Production learn about the key skills required to go into this line of work as Nick chats to Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen. 

The Business of HR with John Dixon from QPR Solutions Limited

John Dixon is the Head of HR Consultancy at Quality Professional Resourcing Solutions Limited. In this episode of The Business of… learn about how HR companies work, how the pandemic has affected the industry and John’s top CV writing tips.

The Business of AI in Renewable Energy with Dr Phil Wu from Absolar

Dr Phil Wu is the founder and CEO of Absolar – a tech startup with the mission to solve the climate change crisis. Learn all about Phil’s groundbreaking work in tackling the slow uptake of renewable energy in The Business of AI in Renewable Energy as Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen conducts this in-depth interview. 

The Business of Being Signed with James Hill from The Other Tribe

James Hill

James Hill was first signed to indie label Black Butter Records in early 2012 and later in the year signed to Sony Relentless with band The Other Tribe, best known for their track Skirts.

In their day The Other Tribe were renowned on the festival circuit for their high energy performances and tribal attire. But what is it really like being signed to a major label? Find out in this interview by Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen.

The Business of Hospitality with Oksana Degtyarova

Oksana Degtyarova

Oksana Degtyaryova is a hospitality manager at a renowned restaurant chain, but how have they survived the pandemic and what does the future of the hospitality industry look like?

Find out in this in-depth interview by Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen as she investigates The Business of Hospitality.

The Business of Storytelling with Julian Coles from Forever Stories

Julian Coles is the Co-Founder of Forever Stories, a family run business set up to record and write people’s memoirs and life stories but what is his story? Julian explains the process of storytelling and his love for his work in this in-depth interview by Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen.

The Business of Drumming with Cherisse Osei from Simple Minds

Cherisse Osei drums to sell-out arenas and global audiences and celebrates 16 years of international touring. She has worked with industry legends including Paloma Faith, Bryan Ferry and Mika.

Her current work is with iconic rock band Simple Minds and in The Business of Drumming find out all about her astonishing career and what it takes to become one of the most sought after drummers in the modern music world.