The Business of Entrepreneurialism with Jake Shaw from 12 Ronnies

Jake Shaw

On this first episode of The Business of… series, Louisa Magnussen chats to Jake Shaw from the 12 Ronnies about entrepreneurialism, highlighting the biggest and most common mistakes new business owners tend to make and how to avoid them.

The Business of Anxiety with Tracy Douthwaite from Way to Wellbeing

Tracy Douthwaite

This second episode of The Business of… looks at anxiety in the workplace and how to tackle it with wellbeing coach Tray Douthwaite from Way to Wellbeing. Here Louisa Magnussen and Tracy also discuss the effect the pandemic has had on anxiety levels amongst workers. 

The Business of Fraud with Frankie Dowling from Amaiz

Frankie Dowling

Episode three of The Business of… takes a look at modern day fraud as Louisa Magnussen and guest Frankie Dowling from banking app Amaiz discuss the biggest risks to businesses and how to keep your organisation safe from fraud. 

The Business of Agile Working with Anne Cantelo from Onyx Media and Communications

Anne Cantelo

What is agile working? In this episode of The Business of… Louisa Magnussen chats to best selling business author of The Agile Revolution, Anne Cantelo from Communications Consultancy Onyx Comms about the benefits and challenges of agile working. 

The Business of Counselling with Gill Seaton-Jardine from GSJ Counselling

Gill Seaton-Jardine

Episode five of The Business of… takes a look at counselling from a business perspective as Louisa Magnussen talks to Gill Jardine from GSJ Counselling about the effect of the pandemic on mental health in the workplace and how we can effectively manage both our own mental health and that of our employees.

The Business of Mental Health with Dennis Relojo-Howell from Psychreg

Dennis Relojo-Howell

In this episode of The Business of… Louisa Magnussen chats to Dennis Relojo-Howell about his psychology and mental health platform Psychreg, if and why there is still a stigma surrounding mental health and whether the pandemic has actually had any positive effects on society’s mental health.