The Business of Philosophy & Mental Health

Jamie Ryder is a mental health copywriter interested in the crossovers between mental health and philosophy.  Jamie runs Stoic Athenaeum, a business that combines philosophy and content marketing to help brands share their philosophy with the world and is here with me today to discuss the Business of Philosophy and Mental Health…

The Business of Independent Fashion Design

Bailey Reber is the founder of Bailey’s Way Designs, an independent, handmade clothing store who also offer custom designs. Bailey’s love of sewing began as a young girl and she has been making her own clothing since high school.  The pandemic ignited Bailey’s passion for fashion further and she enrolled in fashion school where she […]

The Business of School Counselling

Gill Seaton-Jardine has over 20 years’ professional experience in adult, adolescent and child counselling and professional supervision and works  in schools alongside running her private practice, GSJ Counselling, based in Surrey.  Gill has featured on The Business of… before where we discussed adult counselling and in another episode the emotional literacy programme she wrote for […]

The Business of Being an Entrepreneur

Jake Shaw is a Brand and Creative Strategist and Co-Founder of 12Ronnies, which offers a unique set of platforms to founders, inventors and creators to help launch their startup businesses.  On the 5th May 2022, 12Ronnies are hosting the Founders Festival, and Jake is here with me today, almost 18 months on from our first […]

The Business of Avoiding Alzheimer’s

Patrick Holford is a leading spokesman on nutrition and founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. He is the author of 45 books, including The Optimum Nutrition Bible, Optimum Nutrition for the Mind and and Ten Secrets of 100% Healthy People and his latest books Flu Fighters, The 5 Day Diet and Optimum Nutrition for […]

The Business of Mobile Spa Therapy

Hayley Snishko is a mobile spa therapist who offers various treatments to people in their homes, offices and at events, including facials, massage and reflexology. Hayley set up Home Sanctuary 11 years ago and operates around the Surrey and London area. In 2020 she was voted best Spa Therapist – Uk & Europe and she […]

The Business of Female Empowerment & Authenticity

Heidi Lesiw is a certified empowerment coach for women and founder of Coaching with Heidi.  She supports ambitious, high-achieving women to feel more empowered, increase self-belief and show up as their authentic self so that they can confidently go after the life they truly want, desire and deserve. Heidi worked in corporate sales for 7+ […]

The Business of Starting a Business

Simon Krystman is the Founder of the Founders Festival, Ideas Nest and co-Founder, alongside the first ever Business of guest, Jake Shaw, of 12Ronnies. Simon is a passionate entrepreneur who has successfully set up and exited a number of businesses in the digital and innovation space over the past thirty years; most recently launching a […]

The Business of Private Equity & Corporate Development

Sergio van Luijk is a corporate strategist and equity finance expert. Drawing on a career that includes high-level experience in private equity, operational leadership, and corporate finance, Sergio leads Brussels-based Cap Expand Partners as its Managing Director. Cap Expand Partners offered Sergio an opportunity to use the full range of his experience. As the firm’s […]

The Business of Hemp in the Modern World

Nathaniel Loxley is the founding director of Vitality Hemp, an innovative home and garden lifestyle product brand founded in 2014. With experience of growing hemp under licence and creating various low carbon, natural products, Nathaniel is now working with other businesses to consult and connect projects within the emergent Global hemp industry. In addition to […]


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