The Business of Money Mindset

Robin Waite is the Founder of Fearless Business and is on a mission to help coaches, consultants and freelancers get paid their worth.

He believes that too many consultants work crazy long hours and don’t earn the money they had dreamed of, so helps them to productise their services and confidently charge more. Meaning they need half the clients but have the potential to earn double the income.

Robin is a Dad, Husband, Cyclist and Surfer, podcast host and author of several books. Robin has been working in business for nearly 20 years, from 2004-2016 manning a local creative agency which he grew to nearly £250k revenue before selling. 

In 2016 he founded his coaching practice and hasn’t looked back, helping 700+ business owners to double their income and he joins Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen today to discuss The Business of Money Mindset…

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